Have you ever watched Alice in Wonderland? As a child, I never wanted to watch it. The Queen of Hearts frightened me, and I was already being molded into this logical being instead of a spiritual being. Around age 30, I felt drawn to read the book as opposed to the movie. By that time, there had been a few remakes looking at the darker side of the story. And again, I did not watch. But I also did not read. Something held me back.

Recently, I felt compelled to find it and watch it. I found it on YouTube and it was in little clips. Might I say, this is the BEST way to watch? Like chunking when reading, these little clips allow the viewer to focus on the message of just that little chunk. Friends, it’s a great story.

It begins with Alice wanting more wanderlust and frivolity. She gets her wish but it quickly becomes obvious that words matter. She eventually longs for home and tries to go back but the path is literally erased in front of her. It is then that she cries and begins to realize that she knows “good advice” but she never follows it.

If you know the story, it is here that Alice is led to the Queen of Hearts, her trial, and eventually home, which was just waking up. There are tons of great lessons in this movie and I highly recommend watching it.

Similar to Alice in Wonderland, Find Your Road Home is all about the realization that home has been within you all along. More importantly, how can we honor and stay in that space? The Turn Signals Oracle Deck was designed to help tap into our subconscious/unconscious thoughts and begin shaping our true path back home. Once there, the deck can help you honor yourself and that inner voice.

From the Turn Signals Oracle Deck came the 3-Card Reading and Road Trips. 3-Card Readings are posted here and on YouTube every weekday.

Road Trips are extended adventures, based on individual needs, and utilize all of the beautiful features of the Turn Signals Oracle Deck. The best part, a Road Trip honors your free will and merely provides you with choices and maybe potential consequences.