It’s Elementary! This new reading takes a Pit Stop reading even further. In addition to looking at the four elements in your individual natal chart, we will also look at your life purpose and how the elements cycle for you to create growth and change. This reading is based on your Astrological Natal chart, but I promise that we will stick to the elements: fire, air, water, and Earth.

Detours are the same as a daily 3-Card Reading from the Turn Signals Oracle Deck but personalized for individuals.

Road Trips are extended adventures (9-Card Reading), based on individual needs, and utilize all of the beautiful features of the Turn Signals Oracle Deck. The best part is that a Road Trip honors your free will and merely provides you with choices and potential consequences.

Pit Stops are another new reading to Find Your Road Home. These individual readings do not use the Turn Signal deck. A Pit Stop focuses on the four elements and how you embody those elements DAILY (more details below)