Survivor Saturday – What We Lose

There’s 2 ways to survive: overcome an awful personal situation, or be the remaining person in a struggle.

When we lose a loved one, we are a survivor. But we aren’t ready to survive without our loved one. We lose so much more than a physical person. We lose the future.

In 1995, we lost my father-in-law to cancer. If we look at just my immediate family (5 of us), here’s just a sample of what we lost:

  1. A father to give advice.
  2. A grandpa to watch his grandsons grow up.
  3. A father to say, “you’re a great dad”.
  4. A grandpa to play horse.
  5. A grandpa to teach about coins and money.
  6. A grandpa to watch them play soccer.
  7. A grandpa to hug at graduation.
  8. A grandpa to flirt with the future wife.
  9. A grandpa to take them fishing.
  10. A great grandpa to give a cigar when the great granddaughter is born.
  11. A father/grandfather to share family history.

While we lost these moments, we have kept TJ in our thoughts. We refuse to lose our memories. 

This weekend we are at a graduation for my husband’s family, my father-in-law’s side. I am watching my husband. Family is so important to him and I know he learned it from his dad. I know TJ would be so proud of him. I just wish my husband could hear him say it.

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  1. I also know the loss of my Father. It has been almost 30 years yet I still miss his phone call on my birthday each year saying he loved me and remembering that day I was born his first child. There is no love like that of a parent and it is up to those that follow to pass memories on so that the following generations will know the special stories and share the joy of knowing the person we will love forever. In the meantime, it is important to love the people who are still alive extra hard. No one lives forever. Don’t let loved ones die leaving you full of regrets. Ask the questions. Get to know the answers and show those you love with actions, not only pretty words.

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