Survivor Saturday – The Power of Sisterhood

I suspect there have been movies on Lifetime, as well as countless novels, depicting the added strength of a sister’s love during times of struggle. Sisters are your first BFF and worst enemy. They know your deepest secrets and darkest fears. You are bonded by a war between adolescents and parents, or any other “old” person. 

These sisters…

…have supported each other for years. (Aren’t they cute?!)

LeAnn, oldest, (on left) said when asked when she needs her sisters most, “Any day that ends with a y. My sisters are my first best friends, the first people I want to tell my secrets to. The first ones to have my back. My friends are their friends and my enemy’s are their enemy’s.” 

Jonna, baby of the trio, (on the right) said the same, but more succinctly, “Whenever hardship or happiness happens, I always need my sisters.”

They’ve enjoyed adventures, times of struggle, and extreme joy. Shared the births of children and grand children. There’s nothing they haven’t shared.


They’re facing a new struggle. JoAnn, middle child, (middle in pics) has been diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. They need each other, and us more than ever.  

Send your prayers for these sisters to stay strong. They’ve survived other tough times, this is just one more.

Love you 3 😘  

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