60 Second Sunday – Cartoons

Have you ever watched the Avatar? Best cartoon series ever (next to the old Spider-Man). Anyway, today’s 60 Seconds is about giving your kid(s) time. Doing something they like to do. Learning more about them. 

(These are not in order of preference)

1. Watch one of their shows. In our house this is simple, the kids usually are on the main TV. When you watch their shows, you learn a lot about them. Avatar catches our attention every time its on, but we still watch Pokemon and anything superhero. Sure, we get some nonsensical TV, but we all do brain candy TV.

2. Have a game night. It doesn’t take long to play a game with the kids. I believe a little family competition is healthy. Again, you can learn a lot watching your kids strategize. One of my favorites is Apples to Apples because I learn how they think as they work through selecting the winning response. And of course there’s always Uno 🙂

3. Play a video game with them. It won’t take long, and maybe you just wanna watch. But either way, check it out. Whether it’s Minecraft, Call of Duty or some other game, you’ll learn how much real-life strategizing your kid can do.

4. Color with them. Great way to relax and disconnect, for both of you. 

5. Do a puzzle. Great brain activity and another terrific way to disconnect. This one takes a wee bit longer, but still awesome!

6. Read a book together. Maybe a chapter from a chapter book, or a favorite picture book. You can take turns doing voices, improvising the story, or even acting it out. 

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