Let’s Talk About Dreams

How many of you like to dream? I don’t mean the weird ones you might have while you are sleeping. I’m talking about the ones that make you get out of bed every morning. 

(Yes, I realize work/responsibility really gets us out of bed. But if we didn’t work, we couldn’t have dreams.)

Personally, I wish dreaming could be considered a hobby. Some of us just daydream (I consider that “in your head” dreaming). Others of us journal or keep a diary. 

There’s some really great research on the effects of daydreaming and journaling. I’d generally agree with both. My daydreams often are counterproductive, and journaling often results in a detailed plan.

Where I fall short…DOING the plan. Putting it into action. For me, once its detailed out, I’m bored with it. Do you understand how many ice cream shops, community centers, blogs, and hypothetical vacations I’ve planned? Me neither, but it’s a lot. 

Without action, my dreams are just words on paper. Without action, dreams are just happy thoughts in our head. 

Which is great. But what if our dreams could live?

Join me tomorrow night for a glimpse into Healthy Living Goal Setting. Then, come back Saturday to look at Goal Setting in general. I look forward to sharing some strategies.


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