Adulting? I’ve got this!

beep. beep. beep.

Snooze for 9 minutes.

Inhale. Smell the…

Oh yeah, broke the

coffee pot on Saturday.

That’s one more stop 

in an already busy day.

But I’ve got this!

Shower. Blow dry.

Hair uncooperative.

Of course, it is.

It’s an on camera day.

Let’s hope the headset

can function like a headband.

I’ve got this!

Seven eleven didn’t have

my coffee brewed.

McDonalds soda machine,


At least traffic is moving,

and I remembered my water.

I might really have this!

Spoke too soon.

A car fire reduces 

available driving lanes.

Farther up,

another morning 

fender bender.

Once we resume 

we hit the normal

traffic delays.

And of course, the gas light

chooses now to illuminate.

There’s a gas station

just after our exit.

I’ve still got this!

Can’t pay at the pump.

Line’s pretty long.

Stopped by every light

the rest of the way in.

Finally in the lot, 

and I realize my tag

is in my other car.

Secure a guest parking tag,

and finally grab a coffee.

Time to start the adulting 

part of my day.

I’ve got this!

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