Blessed or are the Archangels ganging up on me?

Today has been one of my all time worst days. What better time to do a quick reading for some guidance.

I chose a Celtic Cross. I needed more than a 3-card draw, but wasn’t interested in my Angel Advice spread. It appears the Angels didn’t care what I want. Here’s the spread:

  1. Situation: 8 Justice
  2. Challenge: 12 Awakening
  3. Basis: 21 The World
  4. Past: Seven of Air
  5. Present: Ace of Air
  6. Near Future: Three of Water
  7. My power: 15 Ego
  8. Other’s influence: 13 Release
  9. Hopes/Fears: 4 The Emperor
  10. Outcome: Nine of Fire

6 of 10 are Archangel cards. Holy major life events Batman. I even amaze myself on this one 💜😲

Join me tomorrow morning on FB Live for a Friday reading – 9:00 am CDT.

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