Relaunch? But why?

The answer is simple really. I’ve changed.

Commonplace Cafe served a purpose during a season in my life when things were uncertain. We had lost a good friend, my husband was in the depths of depression, and my circumstances were very discombobulated. I stopped writing because I didn’t think I could help anyone. I certainly wasn’t helping myself.

Sometimes, it takes one of those “snap out of it” slaps to the face. You know the ones I’m talking about. For me, it was losing another friend to suicide. Then, my best friend lost her mom and became an orphan. Suddenly an ability I had kept hidden from the world started screaming “let me out, they need me.” See, I can communicate with angels or spirits. It’s fairly new. I’m really just learning to trust what they are saying. I’m also learning what medium works best. Angel (tarot) cards work. But music works even better.

The relaunch as Finding Your Road Home is my opportunity to share my gift with the world. I have initial plans for where to begin, but I know the overall journey is out of my hands. So be prepared, we will grow together.

Some important things to note about me:

1. I like to help people.

2. I’m spiritual but not religious.

3. I’m not foo-foo about spirituality. I don’t do yoga. I don’t meditate quietly with my legs crossed. I just connect with spirit, or angels.

4. I believe because there are things I cannot explain away with science, and I’m a science person.

5. I was raised on astrology and self-help books, but I’m very anti-fad. I’m about tried and true, not the latest gimmick.

Stay tuned to more information as we approach the relaunch date. If you are intrigued, join me on Facebook. There I’ll deliver daily readings, like this one.

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