Angel Advice

Over the last year, I have been working on my own spreads and readings. One such reading is Angel Advice. All Angel card readings involve angels, but Angel Advice specifically asks one of your guardian angels.

It’s goes like this:

  1. Situation
  2. Your power
  3. Other’s influence
  4. Angel’s thoughts
  5. Start here
  6. Remember
  7. A hint to identify your guardian angel

Utilization and accuracy of this reading has always been a little off. Until recently. Today’s reading is more like a slam dunk.

Let’s start with the fact that yesterday I was laid off, and tomorrow I’m attending a Tarot conference. I am attempting to start a business around tarot readings.

  1. Situation: Page of Fire – new opportunities to embrace. The angels say you need to embrace this. You are ready.
  2. My power: Ace of air – new ideas and great inspiration. Turning a negative into a positive.
  3. Other’s influence: Knight of Air – events go into high speed. Intellect and creativity rule the day.
  4. Angels say: Knight of Water – balance emotions, invitations to social events, someone you can talk to, past-life connections
  5. Start here: 21 The World – you are ready to move onto something new. You’ve grown spiritually and have experienced significant enlightenment.
  6. Remember: Eight of water – need to move on. Don’t be distracted from your true path.
  7. Who’s my angel? 1 The Magician (aka ALL of them. I have several.) – it’s the right time for new projects. The more confident you are, the better. The angels are here for you.

Wow! Sounds like we are in for a learning adventure.

Check out my FB Page for daily single card pulls (live each day), and for information on private readings.

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