Outlook for Apr 23-29

Because I am new to the reading scene, I want to start by sharing how I pulled cards for this specific three card reading. First, I had three stones: celestite, shattuckite, and rosasite. I will let you look those up on your own this time. I laid those on the deck of cards until I was ready to read. I was doing my best to channel angels and spirit.

Next, I used music. Setting my Pandora to shuffle, I pulled one card with the each of the next three songs. The cards were drawn from energy readings leading to the middle of the deck and never from the top of the deck. I waited until at least a minute into each song before pulling a card. Music is my medium, but I am still learning how to read it to its fullest. So in the meantime, I am combining it with angel cards (or tarot).

At the beginning of the week –

Song 1: The Boxer by Jerry Douglas featuring Mumford and Sons, but originally by Simon and Garfunkel – you may carry every scar, but you have to keep going. You are supposed to be the strong one. Rest to regenerate, but then come back to be the supportive one.

Card 1: 6 The Lovers – depicts soul mates, which can be friend, spouse, or lover; also a decision that needs to be carefully considered.

Mid-week, that decision isn’t going anywhere.

Song 2: Stand By Me by Ben E King – the movie has always depicted lifelong friendship, support systems, that unconditional, no matter what, kind of friendship/love.

Card 2: 12 Awakening: That decision, look at it from all perspectives; embrace the weird; be generous with your “tithing”; patience; power from being oneself; unusual solution

End of the week, once you make that decision, you are free to be the real you.

Song 3: Dreamer by Supertramp – see Card 3.

Card 3: 17 The Star: Believe in your dreams. There are brighter times ahead. You just need to envision what you want and walk that direction. Have faith. You have a sense of purpose. You are on the right path.

Please note – all three cards were from the Major Arcana, indicating significant life changes ahead.

To sum it up. Early in the week, a decision presents itself. The relationships you are building right now are going to be lifelong. You can procrastinate that decision, but you won’t be allowed to progress on until you deal with it. Once you do, you can dream away  – many of those dreams will come true. You just have to have faith.

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