My Story Monday (part 1): The Road to This Point

modified from 1/19/17

Do you dream?
When I was 15, I dreamed.
I was awkward, in my opinion,
But I was in a Miss Teen Pageant.
Me – the Queen of Introverts.
I had visions of greatness.
I embraced the risks.
When I was 17, I dreamed.
I traveled to other countries.
Volunteered with the church.
Aspired to help the needy.
Wanted to join the Peace Corp.
When I was 18, my life changed.
The person who controlled me left.
She allowed me to follow my heart.
My first anxiety attacks happen.
When I was 19, I could dream.
But I was indecisive.
Microbiology or genetics.
Or maybe pathogen-resistant plants.
When I was 20, we dreamt.
We got married. Prepared to have a baby.
We didn’t have a clue what we were doing.
When I was 21, I would dream.
The dream had evolved.
I had a little boy, who stole my heart.
He was watching me do everything.
If I didn’t teach him who would?

April 22, 2018

(continued next week)

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