3 Card Tuesday

April 24, 2018

Disclaimer: Not every reading is for every person. Before you discard a reading, think about coincidences. Are there underlying or less obvious connections?

Summary: Follow your passion and your dreams will come true (or at least your truth will be revealed).

Card 1: Six of Fire

Fire is always connected to your passions and imagination.

Six is about harmony. Six of Fire represents a time of great achievement and success. Awards. Public recognition. Feeling good. Good news (promotion or job offer) is on its way.

Every time I hear “feeling good,” I think of Trading Spaces with Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy. The scene even fits the card. Click the image below to celebrate with the crew.

Card 2: King of Fire

Focus on the task at hand. You are inspiring others. Offer advice. Accept advice. Speak in front of others. Make a difference. You never know who is paying attention.

How many of you have seen Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure? Corny, yep. But tell me you don’t feel like Bill & Ted quite a bit more than you’d like to admit. But they made a difference. Ridiculous and comedic, absolutely. But still a hero story. Click the image below to see why.

Card 3: 16 Life Experience

This is your wake up call. Life changes are ahead. You can no longer avoid it. You feel freedom and an awakening. You are growing and have opportunities to spread your wings. Embrace the path of your heart’s true desires. Trust your intuition.

Feeling liberated. Suddenly seeing the truth. Rapid, inevitable change.

Summary: First, accept recognition and gratitude. It feels odd at first, but allow it. It balances out your inner dialogue. Next, use your influence to lead. Lead by being there and listening. Finally, the angels say you no longer have a choice. Change is coming and quickly. Follow your gut as you move forward. Just keep moving.

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