Your Outlook for Apr 30 – May 6

Last week was all about rapid, inevitable change. Hopefully, you embraced that notion – it’s definitely more comfortable to ride with the wave instead of against it. The great news is, the angels want to help us.

This week, Apr 30 – May 6, is about planning. Yes, we, I, recognize that change, especially inevitable change, can be hard. If you develop a plan, according to the angels, the next step will be a breeze. I just think it is incredible they want to guide us.

IMG_5038Early in the week, you will have to make a choice. Fortunately, according to the Seven of Water, you have options. Do your research. Focus. Be realistic. Listen for your truths and not your ego.





IMG_5039By midweek, you should be formulating a plan. The Emperor reinforces that your dreams are fantastic! You made the right choices. But you need guidelines for them to manifest properly. What do you want to achieve? How can you achieve it? What baby steps can you start with?




IMG_5040By the end of the week, The Awakening, wants you to look at your plans with a new perspective. Be selfless. What you put out in the universe will come back to you. You have unique gifts to offer. Don’t be afraid. You are strong enough. Especially with this new plan!




A failure to plan is a plan to fail. Today’s reading reinforces that. It’s also a sign that our angles are gu8iding us. Which I don’t know about you, but I find that tremendously reassuring.

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