My Story Monday part 3

I am a week late, but I promised to talk about how I avoided my calling. That statement makes me giggle. How can I be late when I am not really sure what my calling is?

I am intuitive. I just know things, and can often predict what will happen long term. In my professional life I have had an uncanny ability to predict outcomes of specific initiatives.

When I was young, I knew what the pastor was going to say before he said it. Only during the sermon. I no longer go to church, but if I hear a sermon or prayer, I still could recite it with them (yep, weird).

I read tarot cards. Angel cards are my specialty, but I have a few other decks. I also read music.

I talk to a few spirits. I don’t know if I’ve reached my limit, or if I need to learn more. I suspect the latter. For me it’s when someone I know isn’t listening to messages from their passed loved ones. That spirit comes and pokes me and then I reach out to them.

There are two exceptions, my Grandma and Glenn. Grandma has kind of disappeared. I’m assuming she said all she needed. She tried to bring me a bus load of spirits, but I wasn’t ready.

Glenn visits in spurts. Sarcasm is his specialty, even on the other side.

I definitely need to learn more. Some spirits I can feel but try say nothing. Others speak but it is jibberish. So I need to focus and learn more.

I can sense other’s emotions. I am pretty sure this is why I am intuitive. If you can sense emotion, you can predict what will typically happen next. But emotions are a whole new level of drain. Obviously I prefer happy, but I attract melancholy people.

So what? So, what do I do with these three things? Not sure. But we’ll figure it out.

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