Your Outlook for May 13-19

Our last reading focused on planning. “A failure to plan is a plan to fail,” and I believe wholeheartedly in that statement. Planning may be my favorite thing to do because it incorporates the skill of list making.

This week, May 13-19, is about embracing yourself. Interestingly, the Universe wants you to embrace ALL of yourself: the celebrator, the innovator, and the meditator. You have had the last two weeks to plan, so hopefully, you are ready.

Early in the week, there is good news thanks to the Three of Water.  Someone is getting married, has found out they are pregnant, just had a baby, or is graduating. It is time to cut loose, bring Sexy Back and embrace yourself.  New things are on the horizon.

By midweek, the Ace of Fire reminds us that the horizon is only an arm’s length away and it is time to pay attention to the opportunities at your fingertips. These are your dreams – embrace them!

By the end of the week, The Hermit, wants you to spend some time alone. Get comfortable with yourself, especially your spiritual self. Seek out a mentor or teacher. You have wisdom to share. It is time to embrace this reality.

Embrace simply means to accept or support someone or something willingly and even enthusiastically. This week you are being asked to embrace what’s important – relaxation, creativity, and spirituality.

Go ahead, embrace it!

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