Your Outlook for May 21-27

Our last reading focused on embracing yourself.

Embrace the glorious mess that you are. Elizabeth Gilbert

This week, May 21-27, is about believing. Now that you have embraced the real you, you should have the confidence necessary to believe what you have just discovered. See, I know that for many of you, this is new territory.

Early in the week, the angels are challenging you with the Queen of Fire. Step away from your ego and trust your intuition.

By midweek, the Ace of Fire returns. Take all of that self-confidence discovered early in the week and use it to secure those new opportunities. They were presented to you last week. This week you are supposed to seal the deal. Go for it!

By the weekend, Eight of Earth is here to squash your holiday weekend fun. That new opportunity requires you to learn a little more. You stretched your wings, just like the Queen of Fire said to, and now must catch up a bit. It’s okay, it will all be worth it.

There’s a lot of change going on. The Universe recognizes that and is trying to give you the time needed to get a plan in place. Once there is lift off, there will be no turning back, and no slowing down. So get ready.

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