Three-song Tuesday

Music says so much. Remember, as with any reading, this may not apply to you.

The focus of this reading is in general. It could be today specific, or even about a specific person in your life.

Song 1: Lover Boy by Supertramp

Something, or more likely someone, is too good to be true – a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Unfortunately not everyone is genuine. But they are definitely enticing, so be careful.

Song 2: Come On Let’s Go by Richie Valens

Whoever is trying to impress you doesn’t want you to see their truth. They want you to believe what you see on the surface.

Are you being rushed to do something you are unsure about? Trust your gut.

Song 3: Wepa by Gloria Estefan

First of all, this song requires you dance. I’m certain Pharrell would agree.

Again, like Lover Boy, Wepa warns you should be cautious of the flashiness of some people. Don’t be sidetracked by something or someone that isn’t yours.

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