Throwback Thursday

I thought we could spice things up a bit by doing a Throwback Thursday spread. Instead of ridiculous pictures, we are going to use memories and hopefully trigger some important lessons we have learned over the years that may help us (or someone else).

In honor of the past, I even used an original Tarot deck instead of my usual Angel Cards.

People say we shouldn’t dwell in the past. I don’t disagree. But we do need to learn from it and occasionally we have to work to recall those lessons by venturing back down memory lane.

Here’s the spread:


Card 1 – Remember a Situation When:

VI The Lovers – remember when you were madly in love with someone OR you were extremely passionate about your work? What was that “new love feeling” like? Like the “new car smell,” we often lose our “new love feeling” along the way and things get stagnate real fast. The Lovers also represents trials and overcoming struggles. It’s funny actually, we often find our trusted companion during our biggest struggles, not during our quiet, introspective times.

Have you figured out the situation you were supposed to remember yet? You need it for the next two cards. Ready?

Card 2 – Lesson Learned #1:

XII The Hanged Man (reversed) – back then, your support system didn’t agree with this “new love feeling” and they did everything possible to stop it. Hopefully, you learned to be selfish when it comes to what makes YOU happy and ignore the crowd. There may be more to this card for you – I don’t know your family/friends.

Card 3 – Lesson Learned #2:

XIII Death (reversed) –  somewhere along the way you lost the “new love feeling” (think we could rewrite the Unchained Melody song?). The Death card reversed tells us that one or both of you stopped trying. Y’all were just going through the motions. The spark disappeared. Could it have been due to the family and friends and their opinions? Possibly. Could it have been because you lost passion? Could be.

Revisiting the past can be a good thing when the intention is to learn from one’s experiences. Some of those experiences may have been good, and others may have been mistakes or failures. No matter the type, each experience has a lesson.

Today I focused on the relationship angle, but the thought processes here could also apply to a new job or even a new hobby. We get so caught up in what other people think about what we are doing (because we all crave praise) and lose sight of why we love that job, hobby, or person in the first place. Why do their opinions matter?

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