Your Outlook for May 28-June 3

Day 1 of this reading is almost over, so let’s hurry and get this up. My apologies there’s no music this week. Instead we added stones.

Beginning of the Week – Monday/Tuesday


Azurite: exams, interviews, presentations, negotiations

Copper: Energy flow

Card: 11 Strength Reversed

Reversed angel cards signify we need to pay close attention to the message. The strength card means you are stronger than you realize. You can’t keep plugging away and have it get better. Your old ways won’t work. But you’ve got this. Be patient and forgive.

Midweek – Wednesday/Thursday

Card: Ten of Fire

You are working too hard again. Work/home balance really is important. Accept help if you need it. Doing too much will add stress and this card signals stress related illnesses. Being passionate is great. You don’t have to keel over for your passion.

Weekend – Friday/Saturday/Sunday

Stone: Malachite

Balance, abundance, manifestation, intention

Card: 0 The Dreamer Reversed

Remember, here reverses means pay attention bucco!

This is a new and exciting phase. Believe in yourself. Unexpected opportunities will come your way as long as you take this leap of faith. You proved earlier in the week you are strong enough. Stay optimistic.

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