Weekly Outlook June 25-July 2

Hey Y’all, wait until you read through this week’s reading. I believe many of you will find it to be a relief.

I changed the background color a bit to signify a slight difference in the reading. I added a 4th card – “what do we need to let go of” so that we can achieve these things this week. Let’s be realistic. Just because the cards say it is going to happen doesn’t mean we should stop working on it. So I thought a little suggestion might be nice.

There is definitely a change in attitude this week. This week is about enjoying what you’ve done for yourself so far – all of that planning the last few weeks (and studying/preparing) is finally going to pay off.

Remember, this reading may not be for you. OR you may interpret the cards and music differently than I do. That’s okay. I believe we all have a different perspective. Feel free to share your thoughts. I want anyone who is paying attention to me to have the best information at their fingertips.

Enjoy the reading!

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