Wild Card Wednesday: Every day is a Good day

I have an amazing love/hate relationship with Wednesday. It is like I have two “Mondays” – none of which are on Monday. I suspect you know what I mean though. Many folks my age grew up with Garfield posters (early memes that hang on walls) that said how much we hated Mondays. Since Wednesday is one of my proverbial Mondays, then I try extra hard to make it a positive day.

This week, I decided to pull a card. The weekly reading said that Wed/Thurs would be ruled by 19 The Sun. I embraced this wonderful life, “Dreamin’ Again”  approach all day.  I don’t know if I had a good day because of my attitude or if I had a good attitude because of my day. Does it matter? Not to me, I had a good day. And when I have a good day, I like to read tarot.

I chose to use Native American Tarot cards for something different. I love them and know quite a bit of Native American mythology already. That actually makes it easier to read them. It also doesn’t hurt to have this great book.


As you see above, I pulled the Three of Vessels (aka Three of Cups or Three of Water). In the Native American Tarot deck, the Three of Vessels represents the Corn Dance. Corn holds many different symbolic meanings in Native American cultures, and one of my favorites comes from the Iroquois.

The Corn Dance occurs at first harvest when green corn is first ready for human consumption. Celebrations accompany many agricultural events and in this case, even marriages and other new beginnings would be tied to this time of year.

For us, especially in the spirit of 19 The Sun, the Three of Vessels represents stability, clarity of vision, and wouldn’t you know it, those dreams might just work. In Star Spider speaks, it is even said, “inherent is the ability to stoke the fires.” Whatever it is you are dreaming about, you’ve got the ability to make it happen because you know how to stay motivated, and more importantly, you have the energy to keep going.

The Three of Vessels also mentions not living in the lap of luxury and stresses that you will always have enough to get by, but nothing extra. For some of us, that is wonderful. Being able to have faith that everything will always be taken care of, may be just what we need to feel satisfied (works great for me). But for others, we may want more.

I located the corresponding cards in my Angel Card deck and my Sun and Moon Decks. It is a full moon today, why not push the limits with the Universe? The Three of Water from the Angel card deck was actually the card Radleigh Valentine pulled for me from his deck and then signed. It signifies the need for more fun, celebrations, community, and hospitality. Essentially the same as celebrating the first harvest.

In the Sun and Moon deck, I love the Three of Cups. It depicts three girls dancing in the water under a full moon. They are also imbibing or “cheersing.” Again, representing coming together and sharing, as well as emotional wealth. Aka satisfaction, the step beyond commitment.

Wild Card Wednesday falls right in line with the week – not just 19 The Sun, but also the Ten of Water. The point – stop and smell the roses. These are the good days. Every day is a good day.


  1. Your Grandma Lockwood was told by a psychic many years ago “you will always have enough to get by, but nothing extra”. This has proven true for her and at Almost 90 her life is less of a struggle and she knows each day is a blessing. Great inspiration Krystal. 💕

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