IMG_4681I have always loved motivational statements with “be.” I have one on my mantle that says “BE Yourself.” I have a tattoo on my neck, under my hair – it was actually my very first tattoo. I even used it as a category in an earlier version of this blog. It really is a lovely sentiment: Be Happy – – Be Yourself – – Be Healthy.

After years of embracing the “BE” I found a major flaw. Be is NOT an action verb. Just because I say I am healthy or happy does not make it so. Honestly, I am just stating my goal. And as much as I believe in manifestation, you still have to do more than wishing or willing a goal to come to fruition.

You have to DO something to keep moving towards the goal. If I want to BE HAPPY, don’t I need to DO HAPPY to get there? Stop and think about that for a moment. Let’s look at BE HEALTHY. In order to be healthy, I have to DO HEALTHY. In order to BE MYSELF, I have to DO MYSELF. That sounds weird, but I think you are following me now. Instead of just setting a goal with “be,” we are working towards a goal by doing it.

In my opinion, it’s a revolutionary way of thinking. Let’s ignite a DOVOLUTION!

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