Walkabout Wednesdays

What better to go with DOVOLUTION than Walkabout Wednesday. I think of a walkabout as Self-care. It’s almost a form of meditation, at least for me. That makes it an important part of my dovolution.

The number of songs you choose is up to you. Use Spotify or Pandora (or a similar service). Choose to shuffle all your playlists. I even recommend forwarding through the first couple as like a cleanse.

Next, listen to your songs carefully. Document somehow. Pandora allows you to go backwards and see what songs you just listened to. I would assume the other services do something similar. Remember, you are walking, so you won’t be able to write right away.

Begin by thinking about your question. Do not make it a yes or no question. Don’t act like you are making a wish with a genie. Just ask a basic question like: How can I help my family while I am unemployed? I like to use HOW questions personally.

Here are some options:

3 songs – 9 – 15 minutes

  1. Your power
  2. Other’s influence
  3. Above all else, remember

6 songs – 18 – 30 minutes

  1. The reality of the situation
  2. The reality of the situation
  3. Your power
  4. Other’s influence
  5. Above all else, remember
  6. outcome

9 songs – 27 – 45 minutes

  1. The reality of the situation
  2. The reality of the situation
  3. Your power
  4. Your power
  5. Your power
  6. Other’s influence
  7. Above all else, remember
  8. Hopes/fears
  9. Outcome

The great part about walkabouts, you can use them whenever you feel that urge to run away. It is a great way to clear your mind and focus on something else for just a little bit of time.

If you do a walkabout, share your resulting playlist in the comments below.

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