Dovolution – Make a Plan

Doing can be easy, once you have momentum. Does anyone have momentum after just one week? I certainly do not. It’s still so early. Our motors are just getting primed. It is more important than ever for us to plan right now. It is the best way to guarantee we have the right tools and resources at our fingertips when we need them. When we don’t feel supported, we give up. Sometimes, that’s due to our own lack of planning. Reflect briefly on last week, how successful were you? I was NOT as successful as I wanted. I tried something different each day, and that meant sometimes I didn’t do anything because I either couldn’t think of something, lost motivation, or became overwhelmed. It didn’t work like I wanted. Rub dirt on it. Apply some logic. Regroup. This week, I’m going to try something else. I’d like to see if I can build to a goal for each part of dovolution. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  1. Self – find a course to work on each day for an hour or so. If I can’t find a course, reading a book will work too. I’d like to look into art therapy, so maybe I’ll find something to research in that area. I’m still in exploration mode as I dream. Eventually I’ll find something practical to commit to.
  2. Someone else – this is the one I’m not sure about. I need to think about this one more – we’ll stay connected each day (check Instagram). I’m thinking something to do with painting.
  3. Goal – my goal for this week is to start working on the painting project for my niece’s baby. I need to get a specific thing for it still, paint the pictures, and assemble. I’ve been procrastinating for too long.

What approach are you going to take to this week’s dovolution? Are you going to set daily tasks/goals or progress towards a larger weekly goal? Keep us posted and let us know what works for you.

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