Weekly Outlook July 30 – Aug 5

Oracle Cards

Beginning of the Week Trip Oracle Card

The Trip card from the new Find Your Road Home Oracle Card deck signifies a new adventure or journey that is about to begin. I love when things start on a Monday; it’s so much cleaner in an organizational way.

Bad Reputation (live) Joan JettJoan chimes in with Bad Reputation“You’re living in the past it’s a new generation.”  She’s just saying let it go. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Do what you wanna do. What a perfect attitude for a new adventure!

Have you ever just let loose singing a song? This is one of those songs that I can feel in my bones when I sing in. The fact that the live version is the one that popped up is awesome. The Universe wants you to belt it out too!



Your Oracle CardThe Your  is all about owning it and making it your own. As you embark on your adventure, and give up worrying about everyone else, you are going to need some extra confidence.  Your lets you know that you will have it.

Take your Time (Do It Right)I’ll be honest, I didn’t know who performed this song until now. Even that fits with the reading. The SOS Band has given us Take Your Time (Do it Right).  You may think of it as leftover disco, but listen to the words. I’m pretty sure it’s all about sex, but look at the words a little differently. “You know you ought to slow down. You been working too hard and that’s a fact. Sit back and relax a while, take some time to laugh and smile…” One of the best ways to save yourself is self-care.

As you begin this new adventure, keep that in mind.

End of the Week

Send Oracle CardThe Send is all about what you put out to the Universe. Most of us know that what you put out is what you get in return. Since we pulled this card, it is extra important to pay attention to this law of the Universe.


Stray Cat Blues, The Rolling StonesI am actually unsure about this one. Stray Cat Blues by the Rolling Stones. This one is about a runaway who is being pimped out and the John doesn’t really care. If we take into consideration the title of the album, Beggars Banquet we can make a few connections. If you spend too much time focusing on what you do not have, you really won’t have it. And eventually, you will try anything to get what you don’t have – even making poor choices like our little stray cat here.

As we are embarking on this adventure and sending out all of the negative, we need to include this “lack mentality.” Ship it away!

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