DOVOLUTION: Accountability

Know what happened the last time I held myself accountable for something? I made progress. Know what happened the last time I had a friend hold me accountable? I far exceeded my expectations.


Which do you prefer? (this should be a no-brainer)

As you are thinking about your goal options, accountability may play a part in your decision. For example, if my goal is to run every day, what is my accountability?

2 miles minimum per day, demonstrated by tracking on Nike+ daily. If I reach it, my reward is a new dress and shoes, not to exceed $100 total.

Who will I have as my accountability buddy though? It would be great if it were a running partner so we could be each other’s AB.

How will he/she be involved? Well, he/she will hold the money. And will verify completion. Maybe I should send my AB a photo of me looking like death along with my Nike+ log each day.

Please select an AB that will try to encourage you to complete your task if by the end of the day you are struggling. Also, consider donating the $ or even giving it to your friend if you fail. (Some of us need that extra OUCH of accountability.)

Keep thinking about what you’d like to achieve in 3 weeks – 21 days. Download a DOVOLUTION contract and let us know on Facebook if you have any additional questions. Remember, I’m happy to start a Facebook group just for folks needing DOVOLUTION encouragement.

If you’d like a little angel guidance, we can help there too, just click here to sign up for an Angel Card reading or a Find Your Road Home Oracle Card reading.

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