Weekly Outlook Aug 6 – 12

It is going to be a fantastic week folks! Just wait until you check out this week’s outlook.


Three of Water

Both cards are reversed, guess what that means? These are serious. You NEED to relax, have more fun, celebrate, or take a vacation. The problem? The more card says you don’t believe you deserve it. You definitely do.

Three of Water18 The Moon


18 The Moon

You’ve been stuck in this mode of self-analysis. Your intuition is HIGH. Guess what…the over card in reverse says you are done. You can’t think about it anymore. It’s time to focus on your dreams and DO something about it. Consider our DOVOLUTION.


Page of Fire New opportunities that use your passion are at your fingertips. They may pose some type of challenge, but you’ve got this. The y’all card means you have a team of people ready to support you. All you have to do is ask.Page of Fire

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