Weekly Outlook August 13 – 19

Good morning lovely (and probably a few not-so-lovely) people!

It’s Monday, which means time for another reading. It’s another good one, at least I think so.


Queen of Air & Must

The Queen of Air may refer to a situation or a person. If a situation, see through any hidden agendas. Also, remove anything or anyone that no longer serves you.

If a person, he/she will be insightful, perceptive, not too serious, a perfectionist, not judgemental, oh, and single.

The Must Card is exactly what it says – you really need to do this. It’s necessary.


Two of Earth & Very

The Two of Earth screams “you’re doing too much” and that’s why you are stressed. And maybe it’s not that you’re doing but more that you’re stressing. If you want to be successful right now, you have to lighten up. You might consider a more playful approach to matters.

The Very Card stresses there is A LOT of stress right now. Balance baby.


3 The Empress & Kind

The Empress is from the major arcana, typically representing something a little more “life” relevant. She signifies that your creativity and hard work are going to pay off and anything you choose to nurture will flourish.

The Kind Card suggests your ideas will center around generosity and kindness, and those will bring more success than others.

It really sounds like another great week. Clear the clutter. Lighten up. You’ll be successful. Let’s do it!

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