Never Give Up!

If you read this week’s outlook, you know that Monday and Tuesday were about giving it your absolute best (Knight of Earth). Wednesday and Thursday are about making a tough decision, in the spirit of love and healing (Seven of Water). And Friday and the weekend are all about strengthening a relationship (Two of Water).

Decision quoteTo me, best = prepared. So I thought I’d see if a reading would help us with our decision coming up. I might be working on the weekend plans too, but that another post for another day.

<Warning, there are 2 Air cards in this one. The angels are feeling a tad snarky today.>

Three-card TuesdayThe first card answers what to do or where to focus. Like the lead unicorn on the Eight of Air, we have to act with faith when making our choice. Then act with conviction once it has been made. We’ve been deflecting ownership of our current shituation. The Mine card from the oracle deck is telling us to “own it.”

As we try to make our decision, our way of thinking might be different from those we poll, and we might even lock horns like the two unicorns on the Two of Air. The East card from the oracle deck warns our thoughts are a bit out of the box for the professional, straight-laced thinking populace. DON’T let this discourage you! For this card, we asked what to avoid or not do. So don’t let the establishment bring you down (hehe).

Finally, remember, 9 The Hermit says sometimes you just have to be ok with who you are. Live outside that box. The West card says the opposite of the East card. It represents lawlessness, exploration, and trying new things. Just follow your heart. In the end, your heart never goes out of style and shouldn’t steer you wrong.

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