Weekly Outlook Aug 27 – Sep 2

Are you ready for another stellar week? It’s going to be fabulous!

Monday and Tuesday are going to be interesting. 8 Justice combined with Tree. Both are strong cards, one from the Major Arcana, and the other literally representing strength and stability.

8 JusticeJustice tells us we are trying to make a decision OR a decision is going to be made in our favor. It also says we need to do what is right, take responsibility for our actions, and stand up for our beliefs.

Tree lets us know that Justice is what makes us strong, dependable, and loyal. It is why people rely on us. We do what is right, take responsibility, and stand up for what matters.  Tree also means we have to work on something. Since decision making is a repeated theme in our readings these days, I’m going with that is what we have to work on. Making a decision and/or having faith a decision will work in our favor (probably that last one).

Three of Air reversed


Wednesday and Thursday piggy-backs off of something from Justice that I left off. One
last add-on to Justice is issuing or accepting an apology. The Three of Air and Need signal two things: something from the past has or will resurface and we have to forgive. Easy enough, right? Well, this one looks like we will need a mirror. Whatever is resurfacing from the past makes us sad, and eventually we will learn to accept and deal with it. We have to release and forgive yourself for our choices. The Three of Air paired with the Need card means that we REALLY have to do this in order to move forward.

The weekend (Fri-Sat-Sun) is our reward for all of that self-healing and introspection 0 The Dreamerfrom the Three of Air. Once again we are visited by the Major Arcana. 0 The Dreamer and Glue are the theme for the weekend. In regular tarot decks, 0 is always The Fool. I like that in Angel Cards it is represented as a Dreamer. It doesn’t make us any less foolish, but it has a more positive representation. The Dreamer is all about believing in yourself, finding creative solutions, moving forward, and being optimistic. Quite frankly, that’s what the entire week is about. Deciding what you want to do. Clearing the last hurdles (the internal ones). And moving forward.

Glue showed up to the party to remind us that dreaming is part of who we are. We can’t lose sight of taking that leap of faith. We have spent enough time lately “in the box” and it is finally time to believe in ourselves, be optimistic and have faith, and just take that first step. We’ve got this!

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