Weekly Outlook September 3 – 9

It’s a shortened work and school week, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still have a ton to learn and do.

This week the Turn Signals demonstrate that we still have a lost to learn, or at least to remember.

Monday and Tuesday are full of trials and tests to see if we really have learned what is needed. If we have, then this crossroads really will go in our favor. 20 Renewal signifies an important change following confident choices. You’re going in new directions. Buckle up!

Wednesday and Thursday take you into the planning stages of your next steps with the Three of Fire. You’re following your passions, what can you do to promote it? Think about how you would feel, or how someone on the receiving end would feel from your services? Run with that.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday find you still working hard. Passion and fire are great, but hard work and good planning are also important. You may already know this, but you seem to have forgotten. Hard work and good planning bring a confidence that can propel you forward.

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