Air Supply or Starship

This morning I sat down to work on my contract gig and I had highlighted “air supply, start here.” We all know (by the title, duh) where my brain instantly went. So I pulled up Pandora and created an Air Supply station.


I am an 80’s girl, and back then I loved Chicago, Journey, and any other bands that discussed love. Let’s be honest though, those songs were for moonlight skates only. anigif_enhanced-buzz-5396-1383671952-10



We were girls who just wanted to have fun, which meant dance music!


So I play Air Supply and no offense, had to forward. Lots of Lionel Richie on that station. Some Whitney Houston. Journey. A little Chicago.

As an over-thinker, I naturally asked myself why did I get so excited over Air Supply. The answer, simple, I was thinking about Jefferson Airplane. And OLD Jefferson Airplane. Not the Jefferson Starship or Starship stuff from the 80’s.

When I was younger, I had a little record player and my mom’s old records (albums and 45s). I used to listen to the Jefferson Airplane Greatest Hits album over and over again. It’s also where I learned to love the Beatles, but that’s another story.

What memories come to mind when you see a certain band name or part of a song title or lyric?

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