Weekly Outlook Sept 10 – 23


Good afternoon y’all! I know I am a bit late with this one, but the cards were deep today and I had to process it a little longer. Sometimes I am a bit too superficial with my readings, and this week, with the reading being a bit heavy, I didn’t feel right just bopping along and pushing it out.

Let’s start with Monday-Tuesday. I recognize we are over 1/3 finished with this one, but it’s an important start and it actually guides the entire week. Four of Air seems to be the theme for the week. We all need a little bit of time alone sometimes and this week it seems we really need to rest and regroup. No time? Start with a simple soak in the tub.

GAMEThe Turn Signals card paired with the Four of Air was Game. First of all, Game if the first
of three blue cards from the oracle deck this week. Blue cards represent seriousness and often the dark side of things. That’s part of the reason I needed to process longer. So what does Game have to do with Four of Air? Well, Game means we aren’t being honest with ourselves or others. The Universe knows the truth and knows that part of why we need this time alone is so we can stop playing all of these games, especially with ourselves.

As we transition from the beginning of the week to mid-week, we find 9 The Hermit. The Hermit screams more alone time. Obviously the game we have been playing is a little more serious than we realized. We have to seek the truth of our own heart. Fortunately, The Hermit also says we will get some good advice, so at least we aren’t completely alone. (Even my introverted self was a little concerned.)

QUITDon’t relax yet, the Turn Signals card paired with The Hermit is Quit. (I tried to warn you) The Universe is calling us on our BS. First Game and now Quit. This time, she isn’t telling us specifically what we are doing wrong. She just says, “You know what you are doing. Stop it!”

So, the first 4 days of this week are all about coming to Jesus with ourselves. We have to stop playing games and stop self-sabotaging. We have to find what is in and on our hearts and do more of that.

I’m exhausted already. Fortunately Friday-Saturday-Sunday give us a reprieve. The weekend is all about relationships. I guess if we fix our own heads and stop playing games, we will have more ability to enjoy our relationships, right? Anyway, here we have Two of Water. We have had a close relationship that we have been trying hard to heal. It’s working. Those relationships will develop new levels of intimacy, as long as we refrain from the games.MORE

The Universe is actually using this relationship almost like a carrot. The Turn Signals oracle card is More. We have spent a lot of time feeling entitled. But this week we had to take a step back and reflect on ourselves and the games that we play that are holding us back. The Universe is reminding us that these games not only impact our business and non-family successes, but also our relationships. If we want to keep healing, we have to reflect one more time (thanks a lot More) – what have we done to deserve this relationship and what more can we do?

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