Venus Retrograde Reading

Yesterday, while I was waiting for Eric to finish donating plasma, I was reading an article on the upcoming Venus Retrograde. There have been so many retrogrades lately, and each one seems to have more influence than the previous. Astro Butterfly put together a lovely explanation and it obviously hit home for me. Venus goes retrograde in the same signs over and over, in a pattern that spans 8 years. So the last time Venus went retrograde in Scorpio was 2010.

Venus orbit around the sun. The loops represent the retrograde periods. Isn’t it beautiful?!

Why does it matter that Venus will go retrograde in Scorpio? Well, as Astro Butterfly points out, this is going to be a profound transformation.

In 2010, I was broken. I had broken my leg and was in the midst of a pretty significant personal transformation. So I don’t remember the retrograde impacting me much. I thought it was more my leg which started back in May.

But my husband…he actually quit one profession and tried to enter another. He was eventually successful, but it took a loooonnnnngggg time. Definitely much longer than 40 days. And we are still feeling the consequences of some of those choices.

Due to this period I remember as struggle, I instinctually felt a reading was necessary. I recognize I cannot stop what will happen, but I can definitely mentally prepare for it (or at least try) by checking with the Universe.

To start, I had to set up my space. I always face due North. Today, I turned the table (setting intent). Then I laid down one of my favorite acrylic flowers (it feels like pleather). The flower, for me, represents the Venus Retrograde pattern, but it also represents change and growth. Flowers are what allow the plant to potentially combine their genetics with another plant. That can mean significant change.

Next, I pulled out stones/crystals that seemed relevant. This is a step I would repeat for each individual. These stones are what work for me. Someone else may need different stones. They are intended to influence the reading into something happy, balanced, and strong.

Why is the selenite rod dividing the flower? The darker part of the flower (below the rod) are what we cannot control: the situation and our hopes and fears. You may argue that one can control their hopes and fears, but I argue you cannot. True hopes and fears are instinctual/reactive. You think you know what they will be but in a real-life situation, the truth always exposes itself. The lighter portion (above the rod) is what we can control, our power/strength/influence. Why not include other’s influence? Because this transformation is about us as an individual. In the end it doesn’t matter about anyone else. It matters what is in our own heart and how we react to that, instinctually and with all of our strength.

Are you ready? Let’s check out this reading. Warning, this is MY reading. It may speak to some of you, but it was focused just for me. If this resonates with you, you can either repeat it yourself on your own, or you can request one from me beginning Monday Sept 24th (stay tuned!).


What is the major transformation?

IMG_6569Nine of Wands points to strength. Fire cards are always about the energy and enthusiasm with which action is taken. These are intentions. These are your passions. The Nine of Wands stresses that my intuition and spiritual strength of vision transforming. Here’s the thing, the Nine of Wands is combined with Pond. From my Turn Signals deck, Pond represents murky growth. That type of evolutionary change that is totally messy, but worth it in the end. I have always had some intuition and spiritual strength of vision, but suddenly this seems like something more. Something larger. Something to share.

What are my hopes/fears?

IMG_6573I am jumping to this now, even though it was the final card laid. Why, because I want to outline the portion that cannot be changed before we go to my responses to the transformation.

II The High Priestess joins us here from the Major Arcana. The major arcana represent bigger picture and life-altering occurences. I am definitely worried about the bigger, longer term picture. I’d like to contain this transformation. Developing stronger intuition and spiritual strength of vision makes some people around me very uncomfortable. Will people still see my integrity or will they think I am a kook? The High Priestess reminds us of the duality of life and nature – light and dark. So I have a lot of fear. Want, from the Turn Signals deck says that this intuition is what I want more than anything. But I’m also terrified of what people will think.

So what is my power/strength/influence?

IMG_6570How am I going to tame this bucking bronco?

First we have IV The Emperor. I am able to handle rules and the structure of society – I certainly can. And Game from the Turn Signals deck reinforces that thought. Because I can navigate social norms, I believe I can convince others to find value in intuition and readings. I believe I can convince those who would normally be skeptical, partially because many wouldn’t expect me to go there. And partially because others would. I am terrified of what others will think, but this says more people will take me seriously than I expect.

IMG_6571Next we have the Eight of Cups. A water card. I laugh at anything emotional being a strength of mine, but who knows. Maybe I have grown in the last year. This is definitely an influence and not necessarily a strength (in my opinion). I reach points of emotional overload because I give too much and do not know how to set boundaries. Yep, that’s me, and this has been an on-going battle for dozens of years. I am going to take this as reassurance that I am starting to figure it out (because I have made good strides here in the last couple of months). To go along with the Eight of Cups I have Trip. Trip signifies a real or figurative journey. That says to me I’ve made strides but there are some larger strides coming in the next 40 days. If I am going to help people intuitively, I definitely have to work on boundaries. IMG_6572

Finally, we have Princess of Swords. This card is me. The description begins with “Earth of Air.” I’m an Aquarius (air sign) that is weighed down with a chart full of Earth signs. I find air cards to be snarky reminders of life typically, but this one hits home for me. “Quick, practical thinking. Vigilance. Intelligent. Strong willed.” The butterfly on the card represents constant renewal of thinking. Went reminds me that my past experiences have allowed me to build and develop these rational and mental skills. My ideas are on point. I have wisdom to share. Have confidence silly.

If you are curious about the stones/crystals I used, just comment. I’m happy to discuss. I didn’t elaborate here because they were more my way to influence the message as opposed to the message itself.

Stay tuned for information about getting your own personal Venus Retrograde reading. The special will run from Sept 24 – Oct 5.

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