Weekly Outlook Sept 24 – 30

Bummer, bummer. Goodbye summer. Over the weekend, we experienced the Autumnal Equinox. Summer is officially over. And this week’s cards just cement that fact. It is definitely business as usual this week. Do note that everything may be busy, but it will be a happy busy (note the sunshiny Turn Signals cards – or Mac & cheese colored, both produce smiles).

Monday and Tuesday are brought to us by the King of Fire and our friend from the Turn Signals deck, Zeal. These two are quite a pair. As you know, fire is all about passion, and so is Zeal. The King of Fire is riding his dragon, and leading with vision – which is exactly what the card wants you to do. You may have to speak in front of a large group, or just a few folks. Either way, communicate with that vision. Right now, people are listening.

Zeal is about more than just passion. Zeal is about what you are willing to do no matter what someone else thinks or says. If they tease you, will you do it any way? Check out the photo on the card – it is Hope Outdoor Gallery. Everyone who puts their art up there, doesn’t care if someone makes fun of what they’ve made. They are doing it anyway.

What a great way to start the week!

Next is Wednesday and Thursday. Here we have the Knight of Earth and NeedThe beginning of the week saw us putting all of our energy towards the task at hand. Midweek is not any different. It is time to get things done. Have you been making promises and not following through? Time to stop that. Check out the Knight – doesn’t he look like Prince Charming. And what about the hair on that horse – can you say gorgeous?!

Need is telling us that getting all of this stuff done is needed. Do me a favor, don’t work yourself to death. Take breaks. The image associated with Need is of the Brooklyn Bridge. Have you ever heard the story? I believe someone died during construction. Apparently we needed that bridge that badly. That’s the point of this card. It’s remind us, gently, that we may not really need what we think we do. Do we really need to work ourselves to death this week? Weigh it out.

Finally, the weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday bring us a Major Arcana card. Ugh, life altering things on a weekend? Really Universe?! 5 Unity and Want5 Unity is letting us know that we want to expand our circle of friends or join a group. This could be done through school or even spiritual institutions. We are searching for meaning, and in the process we are going to question and review any rules, restrictions, or limiting beliefs so that we can really manifest what we Want.

The Want card, which amuses me follows the Need card, is about our innermost desires. The thing(s) we would do anything to achieve or get. It could be the partner card. Are you looking to expand your circle? Notice the big “Chase” across the center of the photo. Better yet, notice the different religions on the 5 Unity card. Touching.

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