Weekly Outlook Oct 1 – 7

Can y’all believe it’s October?!? People say in TX it doesn’t matter, but these cooler, rainy days tell me otherwise. Oh well, if it would just cool off 5-8 more degrees at night so I can turn off the air conditioner.

Y’all aren’t here to talk weather though. You’re here to see what this week has in store. We only have a few days before Venus goes full retrograde, and it appears she’s showing her signs early.

Monday and Tuesday bring us 8 Justice and Y’all. Remember, any numbered card is a major arcana and references major life events. 8 Justice is about a life changing decision. Sound familiar? Anyone between 73 and 77? Fortunately, Y’all let’s us know we will have support no matter what we choose. We always have a team, we just forget sometimes.

Wednesday and Thursday we have the Queen of Water and Zero. This one is interesting to me. Have you been having relationship problems? Are you feeling lonely? Zero reminds us we have a lack mentality. It’s all about perception. Are you lonely? Maybe. Is it because your spouse doesn’t like you anymore OR because life happens and you work different shifts? The Queen of Water says our relationships will evolve to new levels. They absolutely will when you shift your perception. Venus retrograde drives many to want that major love. Don’t discredit what you’ve got too easily. You may already have your soul-mate.

Finally, Friday, Saturday and Sunday offers us the Three of Fire and Very. Let’s start with Very, telling us to double-down on (or take extremely seriously) it’s partner, Three of Fire. Pause for a moment, do you feel that? Whatever it is you’ve been searching for, you’ve found it. You just may not have noticed. Pause for a moment. Celebrate. But don’t stop your forward momentum. Keep that fire and drive burning. You’ve got this.

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