Weekly Outlook Oct 8 – 14

Another week down. How was last week for you? Did you notice the beginnings of big changes? What about a new love interest? And on the weekend, did you pause and appreciate what you already have – because guess what, you’ve got everything you need. Unless you need jewelry. But that’s another post.

This week is going to focus on home and finances, good old Earth pops up twice and both times it’s in reverse.  If you’ll recall, that means we really need to pay attention to those. With Venus being retrograde right now, if home and finances is an area you need to improve, pay close attention this week – especially to the beginning and end – the Earth cards.

Check out what my favorite Astrology friend says about Venus Retrograde over at Astro Butterfly. Here’s an excerpt from their home page:

This is one of the most intense Venus retrograde we have had in a while. Why? Firstly, because it’s in Scorpio. Usually, that’s ‘enough said’. Scorpio is the sign of change and transformation. After any serious Scorpio transit, something inside you changes forever. Once you emerge from the storm, you’re never the same person again.

Scorpio is the sign of hidden things, so Venus retrograde will expose your most hidden secrets, especially those related to love and relationships. No matter how happy our relationships are, there is always stuff buried deep inside.

– from Astrology October 2018 – Venus goes Retrograde

Don’t forget, if you are interested on your strengths during this time, you can get a retrograde specific reading through the form below.

IMG_6766Monday/Tuesday we have the Two of Earth in reverse, and Zeal (Turn Signals). As you make decisions this week, remember, your plate is pretty full. The Universe says it is overflowing because you are doing too much. You may feel like you need to, but you should re-evaluate. Are you really gaining by working more/longer. Your full plate may also be keeping you from your true passions. If the two coincide, that will help, but my suspicion is that they do not. It’s rare for the Universe to say “hey, look, isn’t this great?!” Instead it usually says, “hey, change this, so that things can improve.”

IMG_6767Wednesday/Thursday we have the King of Air and Lead, a very powerful combination. The King of “think about it” encourages us to take advice from an intelligent professional because we are forgetting to weigh the emotional aspects (aka, our emotions are getting in the way). Lead says you will inspire others and offer guidance. You might be asking how, especially if we can’t separate our emotions right now. Well, actually, because you asked for help, that will be inspirational. Or maybe there is something else you have expertise in, and can offer support and leadership.

IMG_6768Friday/Saturday/Sunday we have the Six of Earth (reversed) and Tree. Another fantabulous combination (yep, I used a made up word). The Six of Earth reminds us that a grateful heart is rewarded with gifts of money, time, and or effort. Because it is reversed, it is even more possible or you will receive even more gifts, I can’t tell. Whatever is coming your way will make you feel like you are stable. Suddenly you have the confidence to let yourself feel strong. You know you’ve earned others loyalty and new career opportunities and paying off debts are becoming possible.

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