Weekly Outlook Oct 14 – 20

Oh my! I conducted the reading on time this week, but I didn’t type it up for y’all. I am so embarrassed.  Please forgive me!

Good news though, due to my mess up, I’m doing an EXTRA reading! I will post it first thing tomorrow morning.

Now to catch up to this week! Remember, Venus is in serious retrograde (in Scorpio) and this is a period of significant change. This week’s reading just reinforces that.

IMG_6854Monday/Tuesday – We begin the week with 2 The High Priestess and Sail. The High Priestess card is early in the Fool’s journey, and this portion of the adventure is guided by emotions and feelings. What else is there so early? Certainly not wisdom, at least not yet. The period of change being thrust upon us is just more than we can handle sometimes. Just remember, you are supposed to be here. So suck it up, buttercup. Sail reminds us that while this is going to be very difficult, it will be worth it. We just have to have courage and recognize that staying afloat can equal success.

The fun part about posting readings late, you can check the reading to see if anything happened that could tie to what is said.

IMG_6856Wednesday/Thursday – Mid-week brings us 12 Awakening and Wind. So here we are facing these unexpected life changes. We are facing things we have ignored for much too long. Awakening says to us, would a different approach be better? Wind reminds us that sometimes, no matter how hard we try, change sucks. And sometimes, changes is not so bad.

IMG_6858Friday/Saturday/Sunday – Finally the weekend! Don’t get too excited though. Remember, change is hard. The weekend brings us Three of Fire and EastThe Three of Fire warns us that while we are feeling slightly successful during this period of drastic change, we aren’t finished so don’t stop now. We have to be patient. We have to promote ourselves. It isn’t self-centered, I promise. An important job is on the horizon. Again, patience. East throws a new loop into it all by giving us rules, structure, and responsibility. The job could be governmental, but usually East pertains to a lack of flexibility.

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