Bonus Weekly Reading Oct 16 – 20

Gooooooooooooooooooood Morning Friends!!! Since we are in the depths of Venus Retrograde, and I was a slacker and didn’t get your weekly post up in a timely manner, I thought I would give you an additional reading for the week.

If you read the Weekly Outlook post for this week, you noticed that the card for Wednesday/Thursday was 12 Awakening. For me, that screams HOW CAN WE DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT?!? Because you know, doing the same thing over and over is just insanity. It is time to overcome the obstacles from the past that have held us back. To top it off, we had Three of Fire for the end of the week – we start to feel successful but can’t stop yet. As we approach the end of the Scorpio portion of Venus Retrograde, I challenge you to take this to heart.

So I decided to ask the Universe, what is this awakening all about? Specifically, what is our target for change? The answer 18 The MoonWe each hide something about ourselves (some more than one something). Guess what? The Universe says STOP it! It is time. Go within, and seek, and more importantly, trust the answer. See your brilliant light and let it SHINE!

Tall order, right? Sure Universe, we’ve got this…we have been afraid and insecure up until this point, but we can turn on a dime and be confident. Right? I can hear many of you asking “but how?”

I turned to the Turn Signal deck and pulled one card for each day remaining this week. How can we embrace confidence and throw out our anxieties and insecurities?


Wednesday – Your – before we can do anything to solve a problem we have to own it. That’s what this card is all about. This insecurity and anxiety is yours. The only way past it is to own it and recognize that our words and actions have an impact.

Thursday – Hear – as we take ownership of our problem, we are going to have many offer their advice. While we may not follow everything offered, it is important to listen.

WARNING – from the weekly reading the next few days are supported by Three of FireWe can’t rest on our laurels yet, we have to keep working actively to overcome those blocks.

Friday – Fall – you have been feeling successful by owning it and listening to others, but sometimes we still experience a stumble along the way. It’s okay. Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Determine the lesson that is supposed to be learned. Every struggle has a lesson.

Saturday – Ugly – more negativity, something that is not beneficial or is even harmful is happening. It isn’t easy overcoming blocks, especially these really old ones we are battling thanks to Venus Retrograde. Don’t give up!

Sunday – Isla – Don’t get discouraged by the steps backwards from Friday/Saturday. Isolate yourself for a little bit, meditate or relax, and keep 18 The Moon in mind – LET YOUR BRILLIANT LIGHT SHINE.

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