Weekly Outlook October 22 – 28

So how are y’all feeling? Has it been a strange few weeks? Are you enduring Venus Retrograde? Continue being wary of those recooped relationships. It’s not that they can’t be genuine. It’s just not the right time, no matter how tempting.

This week’s reading is going to make you feel better. It actually meshes nicely with the Full Moon on Wednesday too. I love when a reading feels like you could tie it up with a bow.

img_7025For Monday/Tuesday, we have the Nine of Earth and Core. Such an interesting pair. Let’s begin with Core, which says that the Nine of Earth is the heart of the matter. We are in a period of change (good ole’ Venus), and these cards are a reminder that change can be GOOD. If we are prepared, how can it be wrong? There are some good things coming our way: successful self-employment, financial windfalls, and deeper meaning.

img_7026But wait, there’s more! The spirit of positivity follows us into Wednesday/Thursday with the Nine of Water and Glow. As we embrace this feeling of “I’ve got this,” and our concerns fade with the Nine of Water, Glow wants us to use this opportunity to inspire others and lead. We know how we got here, and maybe our path will work for someone else. How can we deny even 1 person the chance to love life and have things work out the way they hoped?

img_7027Looking for the proverbial other shoe? Not this week my friend. Friday/Saturday/Sunday are defined by the Three of Fire and Cart. These two aren’t as rosey as the rest of the week, but they’re still significant. While we feel all of this success, we cannot forget that all good work takes effort. We’re doing great now, but we can’t rest on our laurels. Promote yourself. Take that job. Do what you need my love because the sky’s the limit as long as we keep working for it.

Interested in a personal reading? It can be paper only or paper plus video. With the holidays, we can even work out a gift package. Just message me.

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