Weekly Outlook Oct 29 – Nov 4

Happy Monday everyone! Hope all is well with that pesky Venus Retrograde. As an Aquarius, I’m not feeling anything significant. Or I should say, I’m not feeling anything that isn’t just life. Life isn’t easy. Change has to happen.

So let’s discuss this week. It seems there are some interesting messages out there for us . I did notice my attitude came out in the Turn Signals deck this week (I was a little cranky last night). So I apologize in advance, but none of the snark is wrong.

IMG_7142For Monday/Tuesday we are presented with 17 The Star. This is WONDERFUL news honestly. The major arcana represent life altering situations. 17 The Star is letting us know that the challenging times are behind us and brighter times are ahead. All that really means is “less challenging” but as some of my former trainees used to exclaim, “thank you, baby Jesus!” On Oct 26 Venus started a new cycle. Just like Venus, we are now on a new beginning. We MUST set our expectations, follow our intuition, and manifest our dreams. We ARE on the right ROAD.

Then my snarky attitude popped in to add, as long as you Quit doing what you need to stop. You KNOW what that is. (I really love the pointedness of this deck)

I don’t know about you, but I have goosebumps. I think we all have a tendency to hang on to that one little bad habit. I mean, we can’t cut all of them, can we? Apparently, we need to.

IMG_7143Let’s see about Wednesday/ThursdayHere we have the Four of FireI’m telling you, “thank you, baby Jesus!” The gist of the Four of Fire is that life is GOOD. We should count our blessings. And if life isn’t good, then Exit the situation. Because anything that doesn’t fulfill our greater purpose, just isn’t necessary.

Yep, not much to that one.

IMG_7144And it leads us right into the weekend, Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Now that we’ve finally relaxed a bit and can breathe after all of life’s recent challenges, it is time to clear the clutter. For the weekend we have the Queen of Air, and in reverse (in other words, she means it). The Queen of Air wants you to cut out anything that doesn’t serve…both things and people (I think she was hanging out with Exit too long). But be logical about it. That’s what Mind is here to remind us. Think long and hard, analyze your instinctual responses, and get opinions if needed.

Important note: this clearing is not so that you can change. It is because you already have changed. These items no longer serve you, so get rid of them. You don’t want to take this unnecessary “garbage” into the next chapter with you. It’s a new beginning. Let’s help make it fresh.

Have a phenomenal week!!

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