Order a Painting for Christmas

Hey y’all, last year I sold a few paintings before Christmas thanks to my oldest challenging me, and some gracious family members.

This year, I thought I’d be a little more intentional.

Here’s how it will work, ordering details are below. We are going to keep it simple. You can purchase one I’ve already painted by shopping here. Or you can send me a private Facebook message by going here. For a new painting, we will use the following specifications:

Small $10 Up to 5×7 or 5×5

Medium $20 Up to 11×14 or 10×10

Large $40 Up to 16×20 or 12×12

XLarge $60 Anything larger

Paintings can be acrylic on wrapped canvas or canvas panel, or watercolor on paper (or dictionary page). Please note the “up to.” That means there are multiple sizes in each range to choose from, or leave it to the artist’s discretion.

Watercolor paintings can be framed and/or matted for an additional fee.

Shipping will be case-by-case.

I’m best with scenery and animals, and prefer a reference photo. I am willing to attempt abstract/geometric, and enjoy collages.

Deadline to order is Monday November 26 at midnight. Order by messaging me here.

Consider a personal, heartfelt gift for a friend (or neighbor) or family member today !

If you don’t need a painting, that’s ok. Share this post. That supports me more than you know.

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