25 Years: Year 6, 98-99

As we started our 6th year together, John was working in a geotechnical lab and I was hostessing at a restaurant. More importantly, I was pregnant and due soon.

The doctor decided to induce so that he wasn’t as big as Alec had been. So the weekend of Dec 18, 1998. John was supposed to go see his sister graduate, but couldn’t because we were waiting to be called in to the hospital.

On the 20th we went in. By that night he was born. We went home the next day. But due to the giant hairy Nevis on his head, we had several different appointments to make sure it was superficial. It was, but he’d eventually have surgery.

We weren’t going to worry about it though. Nana visited first. In a few months, Grandma Karen came. We were a perfect little family of four.

Once Eric was born, I found a job as a preschool teacher. Before long, I managed to become Director. I’m not sure I was ready, but it was a fun few months, and I was able to be with both kids all day long.

Alec turned 5 that year. We celebrated at a Disney place. It was cool. He was obsessed with A Bug’s Life.

That summer we took our first journey to Sea World and San Diego. I sure do miss that short drive. We love it there.

That fall, Alec started Kindergarten. Both kids were well loved everywhere they went, and Alec had lots of friends.

By the end of the 6th year, I was interviewing for another teaching position, thanks to a friend of John’s. Life was good.

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