Weekly Outlook: Nov 5 – 11

Astrologically, there is a lot going on out there! Venus is still retrograde, but at least it’s in Libra now. Uranus is still retrograde, in Taurus now. And this Thursday Jupiter moves into Sagittarius, which from everything I’ve read, is a good thing. Last but not least, Mercury goes retrograde next week. Sigh.

So what’s in store for us this week? As you can imagine, with all of this action, our week is going to be interesting.

Monday/Tuesday we have VIII Justice and Sail. Together these two make a beautiful combination. If we continue to have courage and try, we will survive this. We just have to look for balance. Balance between the present and the future. If you can do this, there will be transformation/redemption.

For me, this means less instant gratification and more saving and financial planning. Because we don’t balance present and future, we are feeling the pains from our broken water heater. At least the cards say we will be ok, because it doesn’t feel that way right now.

Wednesday/Thursday we have III The Empress and Earn. If we continue learning our lessons about balance, this combination says we will be rewarded for a job well done. If we listen to our inner guide, we will find the love, strength, and wisdom we need. Most importantly, you are going to be presented with a “door”, take it. It will help you find the wholeness of heart and spirit you’ve been seeking.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday is led by the Ace of Pentacles in reverse, and Want. Want reminds us of our past and the lessons we have learned. Combining those lessons with our new lessons on balancing the present and future, and we can find both internal and external success. If we pay attention and truly learn from our mistakes, our desires can come to fruition.

Have a tremendous week!!

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