25 Years: Year 11, 03 – 04

By our 10th anniversary we had made it to Texas. John was working on the toll road everyone despised and I was teaching. We knew we could make this move work, even without a support system, because we had each other. To us, that was our only consistency. Well, that and love (mini-puke).

That Christmas we went home. First me and the kids, then John and Morgan. That was the year she chewed through her kennel and ended up on Dad & LeAnn’s roof. Silly dog!

Honestly, that Christmas was one of my favorites. The Boone side got together again, which we hadn’t done in forever. It was my first time meeting Desirae & Sebastian. The kids had the BEST time with their cousins.

<picture from Christmas coming>

Once we were home, time flew pretty quickly. Ivy was born the end of January. For my birthday, John took me to see Phantom of the Opera. It snowed (seriously, in Texas?!). And I helped administer my first TAKS test. Bleh.

<picture of Ivy coming>

Dylan was born a couple of weeks early in February instead of March.

My friend and coworker, while I was pregnant, warned me that we were screwed. I didn’t believe her. In my mind, we could each handle 2 kids. She said, “you might as well have 20 kids.” I told her she was wrong. Again, my life was providing foreshadowing that I was ignoring.

While on maternity leave, my Dad and LeAnn visited. Let me just say, they scared the crap out of me. They got in a major car wreck. I could hear the emergency sirens where I lived. Then John called and said someone was picking me and the baby up. So scary!

<picture of car coming>

Once my leave was up, my mom and Karen came to stay with Dylan. Honestly, one of THE most amazing things! That way we didn’t have to put Dylan in daycare until the fall. Plus, they were with us for Mothers Day, and Alec’s 10th birthday.

<pictures from Nana and Karen visit coming>

That summer was fun! First, I took Dylan to Arizona. I had some very important people who I needed to see graduate, and some friends wanted to meet the wee one.

Then, we went to Missouri. Grandma Lockwood was housesitting for Nana & Papa while they were in Italy, so we came to hang out. That’s when Eric called the 911 because he was in “big trouble.” Gosh that kid!

Good news! I found a teaching position closer to home, and Eric started Kindergarten.

I hit it off with my team right away. One teammate had a husband who worked for a builder. They had just put in the last houses of a neighborhood and they were discounted. So we tried, and qualified! We were finally getting our own home!

Our Home 004

Wow! Life just can’t get much better.

Note: My apologies for all of the picture placeholders. While we were digital at this point, not everyone else was. I need pictures from the photo tub but don’t want to wake John. I’ll add them once he has gone to work. 

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