25 Years: Year 12, 04 – 05

It took us a while, but we were finally settling down and buying a home. We would’ve never been able to buy one in AZ, so this was exciting. We were going to be in our new home by Christmas.

Mom & Jim came first. They bought us some new furniture for our new house. Then Dad & LeAnn came for Christmas.


That spring, we just settled in. Dylan has his own space since he was in a crib. Alec and Eric shared a room.


Mom & Jim were back in February for Dylan’s first birthday. Leslye came for a visit. And Karen, Lynne, Pat and Ivy came for Easter. We had so much fun!


That April/May, we got Zorro. He was such a cute little goober, and he and Morgan were a pretty good team.

Pic's_697 118

We learned that year that Eric has some kind of plant allergy. The poor kid missed the last days of school because he looked like the elephant man.

One benefit of teaching was summers off, and now that we were closer to home, I took advantage. That summer, the boys and Zorro and I went to IL/MO. Who travels with a 15 month old and a puppy? Me. Yep, crazy.

<insert photos from summer>

While we were in IL, John went skydiving with Jake and his friend Reggie.

That fall, Alec started 6th grade. He was at my school again. Eric was in 1st. Alec started league soccer. Eric attempted football. John and I had to divide and conquer. I’m pretty sure my entire existence at that time was Dylan.

<insert photos from soccer and football>

I started trying to get more involved in school. I became a collaborative teacher. I planned the Fall Carnival. And I had my first panic attack. I had to go in an ambulance because my BP was so high. They did tests, and I was fine. But I had to learn to set limits.

By Thanksgiving, we had neighbors! In typical Bellamy fashion, we hosted Thanksgiving for the neighborhood. Moving here had been the BEST decision ever!

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