Weekly Outlook: Something Different

Hey y’all, because Sunday (when I did the reading) was 11:11:11, I thought I’d do a little different reading. The significance of 11:11:11 is a stronger ability to manifest. Let’s do it!

For manifestation, and help with focus, we can pull 3 cards for Goal/Path/Advice.

For goal, we get Page of Earth, and all it really gives us is good news about finances and going back to school. From there, it’s vague. You have a new interest or passion? (What is it?) Your plans move forward (Plans for what?).

So, I pulled a Turn Signal Card. Isla tells us to meditate on it. Gotta love the Universe! As much as I want it to define the unknown for us, it is better that we each have our own goal. What is yours??

Rather than beat our head on a wall looking for info we can’t get, let’s look at Path. Here we have 2 The High Priestess. Practice patience. Aim before firing, and trust your intuition.

For a little clarification, we have the Turn Signal Card Exit. If your intuition says leave, do it immediately and completely.

Finally, what advice would be most helpful. If this is a manifestation reading, we want to actually achieve the goal, right? So our advice is the Ace of Air in reverse. Are you ready for this? We are supposed to embrace these new adventures, take risks to follow our dreams, and pursue innovative ideas. This sounds AWESOME!!

To get some clarification, I used Turn Signals and turned over Cart: A reminder it won’t necessarily be easy.

As you complete your meditations and identify your actual goal, please share! I’m going to sleep and meditate first thing in the AM. I’ll keep you posted on anything I hear!

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