25 Years: Year 13, 05 – 06

Time for the Bellamy family is just flying by! Alec is in 6th/7th grade. Eric is in 2nd/3rd grade, and Dylan is still in preschool.

When we moved to Texas, we didn’t have a support system. But in our neighborhood, we were building a family. That New Year’s Eve, we had a GREAT time in the neighborhood! Rock band, plenty of alcohol, and I’m sure there was poker.

Dylan turned 2! I turned 33 that year. Not only did I get my favorite lamp, but I went skydiving. I had finally lost enough weight. (I’ll see if I can dig up a picture.) John turned 36, Alec turned 12, and Eric was 7.

Remember that visit from Karen, Pat, Lynne, and Ivy last Easter? Well, I was off a year. It was actually this year that they came. John also got his motorcycle. When they visited, we hid the motorcycle next door.

At the beginning of May, I may a poor behavior management choice with my class, and I ended up suspended for 8 days. Talk about the worst feeling in the world. But I will say, I haven’t felt the same about teaching since then. I was placed on a reasonable action plan to attend some classroom management training, and everything was okay.

That June, my mom and I took our first adventure to NYC. This is definitely the one we paid the most for. We stayed just off Times Square. We saw the filming of Spiderman 2 (RIP Stan Lee). We went to see The Color Purple and Rain (with Rudd, Roberts, and Cooper) on Broadway. We rode the double-decker bus, and we took the ferry to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. It really was a grand time.

While I was in NYC, John took the kids to IL.

That July, I believe we hung out with the neighborhood again. At that time, we were allowed to do fireworks as long as there wasn’t a burn ban. John would know. I also believe we went to a work picnic for John at the lake. I may be off a year though. Y’all know how it is, it starts to blur, and he’s starting to get cranky about me always asking him if he remembers. (haha)

Eric took swim lessons that summer and I was interviewed for the local News station. I had 2 minutes of fame – haha. I also believe Alec was doing conditioning for soccer.

While I had been suspended, I applied for positions in other school districts that would potentially take me out of the classroom. I was disappointed by the change in career trajectory due to moving from AZ to TX. In TX, an advanced degree doesn’t really matter in a school. They’ll say it doesn’t (it’s a statistic on the yearly report card), but it doesn’t enough to pay fairly. Anyway, I’m digressing. I needed out of the classroom. Honestly, I no longer trusted my judgement.

Miraculously, I was called from a high school that needed an interventionist. I was thrilled, and probably a little under-qualified. But my heart was in the right place.

John was still working on the toll road. By this point, people were driving on portions of it, and they were beginning the next portion.

This is the year I went to ACL for the first time thanks to Lynne. I had always heard how addictive it was, and how once you went you always had to go. Boy, they weren’t wrong.

We also had the BEST family pictures taken ever. These are the ones still hanging on our wall. Maybe it’s time to update.

All of our free time was soccer. Alec was playing for Lonestar at this point? Eric was playing for Round Rock. John took Alec. I took Eric and Dylan. We couldn’t go home as often, or at least all of us couldn’t.

This is one of those years that we didn’t go home for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but we hosted the neighborhood. Everyone always loved John’s cooking. We also had a fireman and a waitress in the hood, and their hours sometimes meant their loved ones were alone. So we made sure everyone was included.

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