25 Years: Year 14, 06 – 07

Since my last story post was a day ago, let’s recap. We’re in Texas now. John’s still working on the toll road, and I’m still teaching. When we aren’t doing one of those things, we are knee deep in the kids’ activities (aka soccer).

In the Fall of 2006, I had changed schools and left the classroom. If I had stayed in AZ, I would’ve been out by now, so I had to try. Interventionist was step one. My boss was the AP for Curriculum, so that meant my next step was principal certification. Did I ask anyone’s permission or even thoughts, nope? Although he supported me by taking care of the kids while I was in class, and talking through stuff with me.

Apparently, we didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas that year, although I know differently. I am just having difficulties locating pictures. Eric was turning 8. Dylan was going to turn 4 in February. And by mid-2007, Alec would be 13.


The spring was all about working out, over-extending myself at work, and going to class. We did take a little adventure to Oklahoma for some camping with John, Kara, Conner, and our kids. We even got John on a boat.

As I mentioned above, Alec became a teenager that year. I was so shocked at how ignorant he treated me. Gosh he was ridiculous.

By the time school ended our lives would change. I had an opportunity to leave the classroom. I could work in online publishing, and not for a boring old textbook company, but for a thought-leader. So as soon as school was out, I started work. A couple things happened…

First, the older two went to Illinois without Dylan. That was tough for Dylan. Second, Dylan had to stay in preschool over the summer. Not so good. By the end of summer Dylan was changing schools after being kicked out of the one he was in. Like Eric before him, we never had another school issue with him.

I never realized how important summers off with my kids were until I didn’t have them. I still miss it. It’s just so carefree. Anyway, I’m digressing.

By the fall of 2007, I was completely wrapped up in a new job. It still took almost all of my time, but it paid more. There were so many moving pieces and I loved every second of it. It was all new.

What I didn’t realize was that I was becoming a person I’m not so sure I liked. John and I were fighting more. I wasn’t home as much. My attention had shifted, and I didn’t realize how much that was going to impact all of our lives. I was allowing my job to become my top priority. That’s never wise. Not for anyone.

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