25 Years: Year 16, 08 – 09

Note: More photos are coming. There’s plenty for each section, I’m having technical difficulties with the external drive. So hang tight. What you see here has been pulled from Facebook.

The end of 2008 had the Bellamy’s busy. Alec was a freshman in high school and playing soccer. He was also battling some acne issues that would create more problems in 2009. Eric was in 4th grade – the year reading became important. Dylan was in his final year of Pre-K. The baby wasn’t much of a baby anymore.

Nana and Papa came for Christmas, and we all went to Sea World the day after Christmas. It was actually chilly here, but we still had a nice time with family.

That spring, Eric was in the science fair again. Everyone was playing soccer, and by this point, I was managing Dylan’s team. I took another work trip. This time to New Orleans, all by myself. I enjoyed walking Bourbon Street and going out with my hotel neighbor (we were at a science conference).

At the end of May, Dylan graduated from Pre-K. It also marked the start of the summer that Alec and Eric took care of Dylan when we weren’t on vacation.

The summer of 2009 is one of my favorites. The boys and I went to Yosemite with Kara. The only thing that would have made it better was to go with John. Our trip consisted of the boys and I driving to Arizona, and John flying out. A large group of friends from John’s class met up at Kara’s because Jake got married. Once we finished that celebration, Kara, the boys and I loaded up in Kara’s camper and started for California. It was definitely an adventure. I’d like to do it again now that the boys are older. I’d also like to take John. He’d love it there.

While we were in Yosemite having fun, John was home in the sweltering heat tiling our floor. Ask him about that sometime. Ask him if it’s finished. 

This is also the summer of the first ever Family Olympics. I love the concept of Family Olympics and I am seriously hoping that I planted the seed so that my sons will want to have family competitions for the rest of our lives. I forget how competitive I can be until I start competing. Jim, Alec, and I kicked everyone else’s butts. We’ve had Family Olympics 3 times, and I believe we are seriously overdue for another.

By the fall of 2009, my job was starting to change again. We were basically running out of product to write due to the lack of funds. We had just been purchased from Reader’s Digest. While we were working on Middle School science, we weren’t sure it would really happen. I was starting to get involved with some specific implementations due to the size and importance of associated with securing the sale. I was starting to see a different side of the company, but I was hoping to succeed my boss when he retired the following year.

We participated in our first Pancreatic Cancer walk. All of us did. The younger boys did the 1K and Alec did the 5K with me. I was pretty slow, and he was pretty patient. I volunteered at Dylan’s school, and trick-or-treating was just our thing. 

The concert was Rob Zombie. Did I go with John? Nope, went with Ilene. My boss’s son was in the band. It was fun. We were doing a lot, but I’m not sure how much we were really doing together

The fall also meant that I was coaching Dylan’s soccer team. John was managing Alec’s team. Eric was playing too. We lived soccer folks. As you can see, the Bellamy family has fallen into a routine. Work/school then soccer then school work/responsibilities. There are good things about routine, but there are also some hazards. Those hazards will show their face in 2010, stay tuned. 

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